Scar revision – correction of burn scars

Unfortunately currently no techniques exist which allow us to fully get rid of a scar. However, the look of some scars can be improved by surgery, when they are large or invaginated (adherent in depth). In that case, we talk about scar revision. As a general rule, a scar should not be treated if it has been there for less than a year. In fact, the natural process of a scar maturing takes time and the scar improves by itself.
In the case of pathological scars such as a keloid scar, additional treatment may be required, such as cortisone injections, the application of silicone or even radiotherapy.
The after-effects of burns can sometimes be corrected with surgical techniques carried out in reconstructive surgery, such as grafts, flaps, etc.
Dr Thomet will advise you in order to ascertain what treatment is most appropriate in your case.