Dr Thomet

Dr Thomet holds consultations in her practice located in Carouge and is accredited to the main clinics of the Canton of Geneva, where she performs surgical interventions.

Dr. Celine-Thomet
Clinique Générale-Beaulieu

Whether it is our 620 approved doctors, who are among the best in their specialities, our nursing staff or our administrative teams, our quest for perfection is driven by our high standards and our attention to detail, but also by our cutting-edge policies.
Our mission for more than a century has been to offer our patients and future mothers excellent health care, which meets the strictest of quality, safety and reliability criteria.

Clinique des Grangettes

La Clinique des Grangettes is a private hospital renowned for the treatment, the welcome and the comfort of a hotel which it provides. Close to the centre of Geneva, in a unique and exceptional leafy setting, the Clinique des Grangettes lays claim to very priviledged calm surroundings. The main specialities of the Clinic are: maternity, specialised surgery, cardiology, oncology, paediatrics and radiology.

La Plaine

Founded by surgeons in 2006, the Clinique de la Plaine offers patients and surgeons an OR1 class operating and endoscopy platform, which is at the forefront of medical technology and is especially suited to outpatient surgery or short-stay inpatient surgery. It has a day patient hospital and pleasant private rooms. The quality and the safety of patient treatment and care are a key concern for the doctors and nursing and administrative staff of the establishment.

Champel Elysée

Since 2004 and its takeover by the MV Santé group, the Champel Clinic has continued its mission: to ensure access for all to outpatient surgery, regardless of the kind of insurance held and without charging additional fees or « entry fees ».
Dr Marangon Nicola, deputy CMO, along with Dr Chatti Ramzi, anaesthetist, Director of the Centre leads an efficient team who are kept busy with very varied procedures.

La Tour

Benchmark private hospital group La Tour is made up of l’Hôpital de La Tour, la Clinique de Carouge and le Centre médical de Meyrin. De La Tour hospital is the only acute-care private establishment in French-Switzerland which has an emergency department which is open 24/7, an intensive care unit with 10 beds, a dialysis centre and class IIA neonatology department.