Coronavirus COVID-19
Following the new recommendations of the Federal Council and the State Council, the doctor's office remains open at the usual hours. Consultations and interventions in local anesthesia at the practice are for the moment maintained. Concerning the interventions in the clinic, a point will be made every week in view of the evolution of the health situation. In order to continue to treat you in the best possible conditions, we insist on strict compliance with the health instructions: -Respect of distances, hand washing and wearing a mask is mandatory. -Arrive on time for your appointment. In case of early arrival, please wait outside the office. -Only come with someone when strictly necessary. In case of symptoms: fever, cough, loss of smell and taste, please keep us informed at 022 342 35 32 or More information is available at Take care of yourself and your loved ones. We look forward to continuing to treat you as well as possible during this difficult time. Elia and Dr Céline Thomet